Friday, 28 November 2014

Does The Pitch Of A Roof Determine How Long It Will Last ?

When people consider buying a home, they do so based on a mix of practical considerations and emotional attachment.  If you have children, is the house in a good school district?  Is it big enough for your family, and big enough should you decide to expand your family?  If you like being outdoors, how big is the lot that it's sitting on?  Is that enough space for you?  If you're a handyman, does it have a workshop already on the property, or at least space to add one later?  City water, or well?
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Those kinds of practical details matter, but of course, there's also the emotional aspect.  You might see half a dozen or more homes before you find one that fits the entire practical criterion and also “just feels right.”  That part is a little harder to quantify, but it's something you very definitely know when you see it.  The place just calls to you.  It feels like home.
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Perhaps you just love stately looking two story homes or a place with big, mature trees in the front yard, or a wide, wraparound porch.  It could be most anything, and each person's tastes are different, but it could also be something that straddles the line between practical and emotional like the pitch of the home's roof.  For example, some people are nuts for A-frame houses, and those get moved to the head of the line, regardless of other considerations.
 Would you believe that a steep pitched roof is good for several very practical reasons too though, personal preferences not withstanding?  Below, we'll outline exactly how.
Attic Space
A steeply pitched roof provides room for ample attic space.  In addition to being practical from the standpoint of having large amounts of convenient storage space for your family, there's also the possibility of adding to the useable square footage of your home by turning the attic space into a spare bedroom or office.  It just gives you more options and flexibility.
From the perspective of your roof's longevity, it helps too because the large attic space means better airflow and circulation.  Homes with steeply pitched roofs seldom have moisture problems.
Snow Load
Of course these only matters if you live in an area with regular or heavy snow, but if you do, then a steeply pitched roof will shed the snow much more quickly.  Water, no matter what for it takes, is one of the most damaging things to a home in general, and the more quickly your home can shed its snow load, the better.
Water Drainage
The same basic thinking above, applies here that applied above.  A roof with a steep pitch will shed water much more quickly than a flat roof or one with a shallower pitch.  In a related vein, this is why you need to be certain you keep your gutters clean, clear, and free from obstructions so that water flows freely from them.
All of this, the better air circulation and ventilation, and the ability to shed snow and water quickly and efficiently, translates directly into a roof with a longer lifespan.  If you need the services of a roofing contractor in Long Island or surrounding areas, feel free to stop by our office and pay us a visit, or check us out on the web.
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